Interior Design

The purpose of an Interior Designer is to create spaces that are both functional and aesthetically appealing. 

When it comes to residential interiors the primary focus is to create a comfortable and livable space.

Defining what people do and where is the starting point whether it is relaxing, cooking, entertaining close friends or even working from home.

And then we have Luxury Interior Design.

For some, Luxury relates to aesthetics, while for others, it’s overindulgence. Still, when it comes to interior design, we can all agree that “luxury” is a lifestyle. 

The concept of luxury interior design always brings something new to the visual palate and can be achieved through various styles.

Grandness, spaciousness, and sophistication are a few key elements that are ever-present in all manners of luxurious spaces.

The level of luxury articulated in the designs is determined by how you incorporate these ideas into your space.

Ana Roque Interiors team creates unique and innovative environments filled with a diversity of styles in perfect harmony with what you want. 

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